Customer Support For E-Commerce


Customer Support For E-Commerce Businesses

Good customer service has a strong impact on business growth especially nowadays when clients can share their opinion regarding your products on social media. Only one bad review posted online will be enough to leave severe consequences on your business. This is why good customer experience is more important than ever.

E-Commerce businesses are especially susceptible to the opinion of the public due to a variety of its services and products. No matter if you are an established eCommerce business, start-up or a small business, we will provide customer support that is beyond the customer’s expectation.

Even if at first looks like running this kind of job is only about keeping track of the orders, shipment and your inventory, you will soon realize that dealing with the customers on your own isn’t so easy and requires a lot of time.

Internet shopping is getting more and more popular, but unlike the regular stores, buying online prevents your customers from observing the exact items they are buying. They rely on product description, perfectly crafted photos, feedback of other buyers and customer support.

Because of that, it is essential to make sure that customer support is provided by professionals who will act just as if they were your employees and partners. We will provide top-notch service for your E-Commerce business while you are dealing with other important aspects of it.


When You Should Outsource Customer Service?

Recent researches show that more than 50% of buyers decide to buy online because they need a store that is available 24/7. Because of that, the number of E-Commerce stores increases fast and you will need help to stay ahead of your competitors.
According to some, you should start outsourcing customer service at the beginning and focus on the core of the business. When you notice that your in-house customer support is unable to handle the workload or number of requests, you should consider outsourcing it to someone you can rely on. We offer a team of dedicated agents that will gladly assist you and solve all the problems that may occur in the process of servicing your customers.

Your customer support does not have to be permanent, but seasonal, for example, during holidays or big sales. This is a period when you will certainly need someone to make sure that every customer is satisfied or has all the necessary information.

What Do We Offer?

The ENT Calls outsourcing customer support services include Inbound and Outbound calls as well as email and chat support. You can be sure that our agents will never miss answering a single call or message.

We offer polite and patient staff, a carefully chosen team of good salesmen and quick learners, prompt and cost-effective service that will ensure that your brand awareness, reputation, and sales are always on the rise.

Using our services will reduce your costs because hiring outsourcing customer support is much more affordable than hiring full-time customer representatives and investing in all the necessary education and equipment.

We are using cutting-edge technology for the best user experience and our services are available 24/7. So far we have been covering numerous clients in the United States and from Europe and we will gladly assist your customers worldwide. Although we currently cover medical, ground transportation and recruiting industries, we can expand our services to any other industry.

Start Using The Benefits Of Outsourcing Today

If you need more detailed information regarding our services or you want to start outsourcing immediately, dial +1 (917) 463-0044 and our consultants will be happy to assist you. You can request a quote online and we will get back to you shortly.