Email and Chat Support

Email and Chat Support Services

The latest trends in effective business communication are focused on email and chat support. Many companies have trouble finding time to answer all those messages. That can greatly affect the customer experience and cause them to lose interest in the product or service you are selling just because they didn’t get the necessary information or they waited too long for an answer.

If you want to avoid these troubles and focus on further developing your business instead of interrupting the workflow to answer all these messages, you should think about outsourcing email and chat requests. High-quality customer service is a full-time job and that is where we step in with our cutting-edge technology and professional staff.

Our services are completely designed according to your needs, so you can be sure that we will serve your customers just the way you instructed. We can easily expand our email and chat services to any industry, even though we are now mostly focused on medical, recruiting and ground transportation.

Not only that we will help you increase the number of sales and your overall productivity, but we will also collect valuable data about your regular and potential customers which might be very helpful information for building future business and marketing strategies.


Email Support Services

We hire experienced professionals which will provide prompt and appropriate replays to the emails your customers are sending. You can relax knowing that each one of them will get a response in a short period of time.

We will be there to assist you day and night since we are available 24/7. In order to be able to provide a consistent response, each member of our staff has a track of the entire email history with every single client.

This kind of dedicated approach will increase the trust that your customers put in your business and that will certainly lead to business growth. Providing a good customer experience is one of the crucial elements when it comes to growing sales.

We support a large number of emails, and if you prefer auto-responders which automatically open tickets, they can be set up, too. Also, all the emails will be classified according to the issues, so you can have a detailed insight into the feedback we have provided.

Chat Support Services

ENT Calls are providing both, live chat as well as the chatbot services. There are many industries where chatbot is a perfect solution, but sometimes it is very important to have a dedicated customer representative who will instantly give feedback to your clients.

We guarantee that all the answers provided by our staff will be accurate and that there is no chance that any message will stay unanswered since we are working around the clock. Many people prefer chatting to email and calls when they need help or information because they expect to get a quick reply.

Considering the fact that we will support your customers from around the world day and night, you can focus on other important things. Our cost-effective chat and email support services will keep you ahead of your competitors.

You will get a detailed report on the services we provided whenever you need it. This way you will be able to follow our work and achievements. On the other hand, we will be able to improve our performance according to your suggestions.

Let Us Help You Climb The Stairs To Success

If you still didn’t start outsourcing your email and chat requests, we suggest you start today. You will be amazed by how quickly the benefits will show up. For more information please dial +1 (917) 463-0044 or send us an email to [email protected].