Limousine Industry


Limo Company Answering Services

Limousine industry is all about taking special care of customers with different types of transportation requirements. The importance of first impression is well known in any interaction and the relationship between passenger and the limo company is no exception.

Once your good reputation and marketing efforts hit the right note and potential customers reach out to your company, you need to have the best team ready to meet their needs. Each member of ENT CALLS is highly professional call center and customer support representative who will adapt to your company culture and make you feel you have another employee to count on. The only difference between hiring dispatch or reservations specialist on your payroll and hiring ENT CALLS is cost-effectiveness. Your agent would be one click away and you wouldn’t have a single worry about anything other than the core of your business. You would not engage in job advertisement, candidate selection process or any aspect of HR management.

If you decide to book 24/7 service you would not face any missed calls or disappointed customers. We are committed to influence your company’s reputation the best way possible and to be the essential part of your brand equally to the transportation service itself. Depending to the volume of the work your answering/call center service require, you can customize working hours and agent “dedication”. For example, if you want a team of customer service reps devoted only to your business, we would recommend Dedicated Agents program. They are 100% at your disposal for the entire time and they go an extra mile to also increase volume of company’s work. On the other hand if beside rush hours, when you need someone fully committed, you also have “slow” hours you can choose Shared Agent Program. In this case, you still have someone available at every moment but you pay less because the agent will service other companies as well, with maximum confidentiality of course.