Medical Industry


Medical Customer Support

Our team has became an important asset for numerous institutions that have an experience in a wide range of medical specialties. Medical institutions require big staff in order to manage phone calls, emails, appointment scheduling, patient follow up, insurance work, patient transportation, financials, and many other duties and activities.

Outsourcing professionals that are educated, well spoken, and hard working can be nothing but a valuable asset to your team. Instead of hiring recruiting offices, posting job ads, and host interviews; request a meeting with our sales manager and see how simple and quick adding a team member on your staff can be. On average, you are able to save from 50% to 75% by outsourcing with ENT Calls. We understand that needs of our clients are not the same, so we have decided to offer different packages and find everyone’s perfect fit.

Depending on your needs, our team can offer different types of assistance:

  • Dedicated Assistance

An educated and professional agent can be considered your 40 hours per week in house person. Use an opportunity to outsource college graduate and English proficient agent that is only one call-click away from you. This person will assist with your daily duties and take considerable amount of work off your back. Have a cost effective solution that will both improve your operations and customer support.

  • Custom Agreement

If 40 hours a week option is more than what your company needs, let’s have a chat and hear about your current challenges. Based on this interview by our sales department, we can provide custom offer and help your company get exactly what you need. For instance, this can be only appointment scheduling, billing, or only call answering. Our goal is simply to make our customers happy and to establish long term cooperation.