Practice Areas

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Our job is to immediately fit into your company culture and policy and to push your company forward.


If you are not finding your core industry on our website under practice areas, this is not the reason not to get in touch with us. Our agents are customer support experts and are certainly ready to learn about new industries and be an important asset at it.

We have started as limousine answering service and successfully extended our service expertise to many other branches described on our web page.


Our main expertise:

  • Back Office:

( Data Entry, Insurance, Billing, and Other Office tasks )

  • Small Businesses

( lawyer offices, dentists,  plumbers, and many other industries)

  • QAExperts

Dedicated Service (40 Hours a week) or custom agreement

  • E-Commerce

Social Media, Email, Phone, and Chat support for E-Commerce businesses

  • Recruiters

Outbound calls and emails as well as interview scheduling

You can reach our sales manager at any time by calling to +1 (917) 463-0044 or emailing to [email protected]

ENT Calls’ rates depend on your needs. Our sale manager will interview you, hear about your needs, and provide the best possible rate within 24 hours that you will absolutely love!

Absolutely yes. We will be happy to get you in touch with some of our current clients where you can hear about their experience with us.