Recruiting Services

Having recruiters on your Payroll, dealing with high costs, and facing administrative obstacles are certainly causing a lot of headache. Our managers have recognized an opportunity for us to step in and offer our services in this field. We are happy that we have targeted the right industry because we have shown that our employees are great in being extended hand to successful recruiting companies.


Not all companies have the same “ TO DO LIST” for our recruiters, but following tasks are always there:


  • Sourcing and screening of potential candidates
  • Responsible for increasing number of qualified applicants in the company database
  • Sourcing through LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Monster to search for qualified candidates
  • Managing outbound calls and scheduling interviews
  • Use other communication channels such as SMS and Email to communicate with potential interviewees


This type of work requires an outstanding communication between the manager and a recruiter. We assure our clients that our recruiter will be at your disposal 40 hours a week and assist you with duties that can be very time consuming and require great deal of responsibility.


Recruiting is very time sensitive field and demands of you that every minute is perfectly organized ahead of time. We understand this, and this is why our college educated employees are ready to jump in your company’s wagon and ride to one direction called SUCCESS!