Who We Are

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ENT Calls is a call center with headquarters in New Jersey, but with most of its operations based in Europe. We are a team of young, enthusiastic people interested in exploring various possibilities and areas of customer support. Most of our clients are located in the USA (Florida, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts,etc.), but we expanded our services to Europe as well.

Once we decided to conquer this market first we had to organize the best working environment for our agents. When it comes to answering phone calls we strive to make it as smooth as possible. Our professionals use top-notch equipment that suppress background noises and make every conversation sounds like calling someone next door.

After we had created comfortable office space we started building our team. Management’s main goal is to bring college educated, proactive, and positive people into this story so every single one of them can add new value to the company. This continuously growing crew is committed to providing best services for our existing clients but also expanding work to different business fields so they never lack new challenge.

Most of our clients are companies from ground and luxury transportation, medical facilities, recruiting companies, and data entry offices. Depending on client’s daily activities we can arrange specific service package that can include: answering phone calls, email follow up, online chat communication, writing call log or any other reports, etc. There is a written trace of everything we do and every call is recorded so agent’s performance can be monitored and improved if needed.



ENT Calls services are getting more and more popular because clients are satisfied with high level performance along with reduced costs. Once you decide to outsource your activities to us you immediately get trained professionals without any involvement in recruiting, training, and managing processes. So your costs are reduced from the first moment you start collaborating with us and it will remain this way.

With all this being said, only thing left is to meet us and enjoy the journey with new team members who will benefit your company’s brand and worth with absolute cost-effectiveness.

You can reach our sales team at any time by calling to +1 (917) 463-0044 or emailing to [email protected]